_on minded prints. On prints minded
gráfica contemporánea de campo expandido

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Expanded field art

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Contemporary graphic

[on minded prints. on prints minded.
contemporary expanded field graphics]

"On Minded Prints" is part of the publishing activity started in 2004 by the dx5 digital & graphic art_research group of the University of Vigo, within its theoretical-conceptual lines, with the aim of giving continuity to the methodology advocated and put into practice by the team of researchers, artists and teachers from this research group.

_the concept

"On Minded Prints" is, above all, a publishing project with a communicative, didactic and eminently informative vocation, which tries to approximate the meaning of graphic work, studied in its widest sense in Spain, towards the end of the 20th century and the first decade of the third millennium. In short, it is a way of conceiving contemporary art from the prism and nomenclature of graphic art; an art that, in many cases, redefines the traditional marketing strategies and the authorship concept.
In order to make a sufficiently broad, plural, representative and impartial compilation, the dx5 group entrusted this selection right from the beginning to a team of five Spanish curators of recognised prestige and solid trajectory (Javier Blas, Miguel Cereceda, Ivan de la Torre Amerighi, Rafael Doctor and Santiago Eraso). The conceptual guidelines – reflected in the form of binomials on the book cover– were defined and supervised at all times by the dx5 team. Each curator was selected not only due to his proven merit but also for offering a genuine and complementary view to that of the remaining curators. This publication covers knowledge and experience in graphic art, its radically avant-garde contemporary use and implementations, as well as the most underground, vindictive, rebellious and formally marginal manifestations –very active and representative, but distant from the more traditional museum circuit– and other approximations made using video, multimedia compositions or large format sculpture. In short, a materialisation of this intangible graphic image spirit advocated as a paradigm by the dx5 group.

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