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"Multiple[x] Complexity and Sustainability" is the result of the reflective evolution and thought maturation process developed over the last three years by the dx5 digital & graphic art_research group of the University of Vigo. A project funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation was implemented during this period. It delves into two concepts portrayed in contemporary art in a very interesting manner, and which we feel have an important future perspective.


We believe that evolution has been transcendental and has evolved in recent years from single-unitary to dichotomous, from dual to multiple, and from multiple to complex (thought and production). We have always lived in a "complex" world, and feel that we will find the key to future sustainability of the system only by responsibly understanding this complexity concept. We think that the episteme based on simplified models of knowledge has been incapable of resolving the inconsistencies and paradoxes that constantly appear at both theoretical and practical levels.

Reflection, production, marketing and consumption of Multiple Art from a sustainability point of view.


Topics related to Multiple Art for the third millennium explored from the view of Complexity and Sustainability:

We rethink complexity as a research and production methodology in contemporary multiple art.

The art and science dialogue focused on outlining a more sustainable future.

The relationship between PRODUCT and SOCIETY. The role of collaborative practices and responsible cultural management.

The collective construction of experience contributes richer routes that gradually eradicate the myth of hierarchical objectivity as an outdated model.

The interaction of art with science and other knowledge disciplines functions as a paradigm for dissipation of borders, and acts as a fundamental incentive that places us in a multidisciplinary perspective, for the greater advancement of knowledge


This project led to the publication of the book "Multiple(x) Complexity and Sustainability", which can be seen as the sum of the different contributions, thoughts and reflections of the different specialists invited to collaborate in the project, such as: José Ramón Alcalá, Daniel Canogar, David Barro, Denise Najmanovich, Nicolas Frespech, Guillermo Yañez, Boa Mistura, Richard Noyce, Silvi Boulaguer, Javier Tudela, etc.

In order to avoid organisation and ranking of the different thoughts, the book is published using a system of separate booklets, so that the reader can select his/her preferred reading order.

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