_de la imagen al papel
hacia la impresión perfecta
la gestión del color en el proceso artístico del s.XXI

_ subject

Art and technology

_ speciality


[from image to paper
toward the perfect print
colour management in the artistic process of the XXI century]

This book contains an analysis right from the appearance of the photographic image to the birth of machines and electronic devices for capturing the numeric image and its colour print output. Colour management is discussed in the numerical image printing process.


Many changes have taken place in the use of capture and printing technologies ever since the appearance of photography in 1827 to the present time. Many scientists, scholars and enthusiasts throughout history have researched these processes in many different ways, and made extraordinary progress, from additive screen processes to the latest pigment-based inkjet printers. The work of many artists has found a significant field of interest in the use of new technologies, and this is visible in the application of these processes to the artistic field.

This book therefore analyses the beginnings of the photographic image right through to the appearance of electronic devices to capture the numerical image and its subsequent colour printing.

The need for a study that updates the entire complex world of colour printing, as accurately as possible, is relevant and useful in the handling of electronic devices for digital imaging and printing.

_ structures

This publication is structured into four large blocks:

The first block studies the evolution of the colour image reproduction processes by focussing on the photographic image as a driver and binder of changes that have taken place over the years in the technology applied to this process.

The second block analyses the colour characteristics and their management in the numerical image.

The third one investigates the most used printing systems and the practical application of colour management in the artistic process.

The fourth and final block establishes a relationship between colour management in photochemical and photonumeric processes.

The possibilities of colour management for implementing projects with photonumeric images are discussed. Finally, an analysis of the contributions of colour management to the artistic work is carried out for optimisation of results.

_ objectives

This book tries to answer one of the following questions, among others:
What has been and is the path from the colour image to the paper?
How can one use colour management to achieve the desired results when switching from numerical image to paper?
What can it contribute to our artistic work?
What are the problems and solutions found in the process?
At the same time, the book looks at the causes of terminology problems, in order to describe artistic impression accurately.

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