PhD in History of Modern and Contemporary Art (Complutense University of Madrid), lecturer since 2000 at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Pontevedra (University of Vigo). She has taught at ESDEMGA (Galician School of Fashion) ever since its inception and currently teaches Aesthetics and History of Fashion at the Master’s degree in Fashion Design and Creative Management (University of Vigo).

Her trajectory has been defined by a multidisciplinary, permeable and curious vision that has materialised into research and curatorial projects, which take into consideration the collectivity and commonality of creativeness, whilst paying attention to the overwhelmingly, multidimensional relationships that art history has established with other fields and disciplines in our time. Notions of feminism and identity are addressed in her latest research, as well as the need to reconsider exhibition standards in public institutions.

She has collaborated in cultural dissemination programs in the press, radio and television (Radio Galega, Miraxes, LibroAberto), participated in the coordination of educational activities (CGAC), involved in the management and creative management of artistic institutions (Centro Torrente Ballester), in art criticism (Art Notes, M-arte and visual culture) and currently combines her teaching and research activity with that of independent curator.

As curator of exhibitions, her latest projects worth highlighting include “Así nos ven. ¿Así somos? (This is how they see us. Is this what we are?)” exhibited at the Fernández del Irrigation Picture Gallery (Vigo, 2015), ” Un rolo de papel continuo (A paper roll)”, Sala X and Sede Afundación (Pontevedra/A Coruña/Vigo, 2017-2018), not forgetting the publication of the educational dissemination book “MA-RA-VI-LLO-SO. 15 razones para reflexionar sobre la creatividad (15 reasons to reflect on creativity)” (Dardo, 2018).

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