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White on white.
Liminal spaces in Contemporary Printmaking

This project, titled "White Book: Liminal Spaces in Contemporary Printmaking", seeks to create a "blank book" that collects some of the invisible dimensions underlying all contemporary works of art based on the concept and practice of the "multiple original", reflecting and revealing from a subjective point of view, that which is not perceived at first sight..


From the very beginning, printmaking has been conceived as a complex system, and as a result of the interaction of its components or agents involved. Today, understanding this system as a whole leads us to the creation of an enriched and more complete meaning of what contemporary printmaking represents. We believe that it is in the liminal spaces that emerge on the border of the imperceptible that the interesting synergies that characterise the new expanded field of printmaking are forged. For two decades, the d×5 research group dedicated to research in contemporary printmaking has inhabited this vast frontier, combining theoretical-conceptual research with artistic-practical and scientific-technical research.

In an increasingly interconnected world, where volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity are the everyday features, we seek to present an interconnected and systemic network adaptable enough to encompass the past, present and future of the diverse phenomena that surround these liminal spaces of the graphic arts.


We dive into what we call "soft, fluid or mutant presences" of certain fundamental concepts of graphic art, through editorial design and the creation of an artist's book. Traditional printmaking is projected into the future through the analysis of basic concepts which often do not manifest themselves in an obvious way in contemporary graphic productions, but which remain latent in their generative essence. Our aim is to help unravel this relational system, presenting in a multiple and collective way the complexity and relevance of the fundamental concepts of the graphic world and their evolution in contemporary printmaking. To achieve this, from the d×5 research group, we seek to repair this transdisciplinary cycle of repetition and transformation, of explosion and implosion of different concepts and contemporary creations that address the interrelational essence of contemporary graphics. On the one hand, the project has been formalized in the book titled White Book. Liminal spaces in Contemporary Printmakingin which the conclusions and artistic-scientific contributions carried out by members of the research group have been collected with the pretext of white as a base element of creative and multiplexing potential. In turn, the dx5 group participated in the FIG Bilbao International Engraving Fair in November 2023 with the site-specifc exhibition proposal: White on white. It is an intervention in which, based on the conjunction of the artistic works of some members of the research group, we reflect on the conceptual and formal frontier of contemporary graphics.

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