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colour management
digital printing with rips ``Raster Image Processor``

_development and implementation

2012 - 2014

output pre-print image interface

The technical scientific project entitled "Output Pre-Print Image Interface" consists of a specific hardware/software system dedicated to large format digital printing.

This project was possible thanks to collaboration between the dx5 research group, INEDIT, University of Vigo and BSCH.

Implemented under the project "Application of new technologies to contemporary graphics in Fine Arts" of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, it not only resulted in a better performance and management of existing teaching and research material at our faculty, but extended its potential scope of application.

_the project

The project consists of the development of specialised software and hardware to manage and compute images printed with large format plotters, in the pre-print process, for specific application in Fine Arts. The intention is to optimise control and computation of graphic resources in large format digital printing, through a pre-paid ink consumption system.

In short, this project focuses on the creation of pre-print and printing software that calculates printing costs of a given image on large format plotters and permits online payment via a bank debit card.

This interface makes it easy for unspecialised users of large-scale prints to use these machines remotely without the need for any prior knowledge.


  • The algorithm.
  • Digital language and vectorised shapes applied to graphic icons and bit maps.
  • Cuneiform writing in the digital age.
  • Pictograms and graphical interface.
  • Digital graphical tools and interfaces. Quality digital printing.
  • Computation and translation of VGA pixels to CMYK in prepress.
  • Calculation of ink-consumption in injection.
  • Multi-tone translations and high-quality stochastic screens for application in high-resolution artistic prints and colour quality.

This project has developed a cost control and payment system for printing on a plotter that allows users to pay using 4B chip cards. The system consists of an Epson 9900 plotter connected to a print server (Mac Mini) which has the Inèdit Print RIP installed (nèoStamp 7)


Prior ink consumption control and management in large format digital printing using a pre-payment card. This card allows you to pay charges without any intervention of specialised staff.

Creation of a new interface that manages print spooler data and allows user to quickly know the amount in picolitres of ink needed and the cost of paper, depending on the paper feed to the plotter.

Translation of graphical interfaces into channel spacing bitmaps and ink cartridge spacing; quantification of the number of points to be mapped by number of picolitres per pixel.

Adjust and customise pixel and colour costs to a minimum so that each person knows the exact ink consumption in millilitres of a certain image prior to printing.

Modification of an existing network card for use in ordering ink, replacement of spare cartridges, machine overhaul and consumables when requested by the machine.

Self-manage and socialise the use of high-resolution, large-format plotters via an Internet connection to order new ink and paper cartridges online when they are about to deplete, thus permitting adequate and low-cost maintenance

Lower retail price through online maintenance. Develop a network service with real-time consumables distributor.

Adjustment and specialisation of a generic software dedicated to the fine arts and the teaching environment

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