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contemporary graphics]

"The Print Factory 1" compiles some of the most notable graphic proposals in the national scenario, all of them products from several generations of novel artists at the Faculty in Pontevedra. Likewise, and from the very moment it took shape, this book has become a reference for new batches of students from this University, who try to emulate the path drawn by these creators, knowing that they once were in their same situation.

_the origin

Coinciding with the birth of the dx5 research group in 2004, an initiative arose among teachers from the graphics department of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Pontevedra. Overwhelmed and satisfied by the high artistic level achieved by many of the students enrolled in the different subjects of the area and by the high quality of their formal proposals, dx5 chose to inaugurate an archive with these first works with the participation and consent of the students.

However, with the passage of time, the need arose to give shape to this collection that was recurrently used for teaching in successive courses, but which had little projection outside the strictly academic environment of the Faculty. Therefore, the Print Factory I book project was initiated, whose aim was to go beyond a simple compilation of prints and graphic projects. To this end, the dx5 group team contacted artists, former students of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Pontevedra, who had continued their artistic career after graduation, in order to invite them to participate in this editorial project. They were joined by some of the students currently in their final year, and a selection of the most outstanding proposals was presented.

_the concept

The Print Factory is a project whose aim is to, over time, set the printed memory of everything that takes place each year at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Pontevedra. The title refers to that paradigm shift operated in art, to which John Cage and Andy Warhol's Factory allude, wherein authorship is transferred to a creation event, which is a much broader entity. It is undoubtedly a more collective phenomenon similar to the one that takes place in mass production. In this manner, the artworks this project compiles must be construed as the result of synergies between the Graphic Arts teaching activity and the students at the Faculty of Fine Arts, in a very modest attempt to synchronise the dilution of individual voices within a collective project that makes us reflect on what the work of Multiple Art means today, and on the transformation that the understanding of Art has undergone in the age of image consumption.

In order to give it a definitive form and bring together this huge cast of different voices under a common framework, the participating artists were presented with a simple formal typology, which serves as a link to establish fictitious narratives between the different graphic proposals contained in this book. Under the title "The Print Factory", the work generated at a very precise moment was collected, it being the fruit of the synergy between the teaching of graphic art and the activity of the students themselves. It is, in short, a modest attempt to synchronise this dilution of individual voices within a collective project, which questions the meaning and necessity of Multiple Artworks today.

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