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algunas reflexiones en torno a la gráfica digital

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Art and technology


Contemporary artistic digital graphic. Machines and plotters, printing systems, inks, media and papers, works and artists.

[Piezoelectric printing
the injected picture. Some reflections on digital graphics]

The book "Impresión piezoeléctrica, la estampa inyectada. Algunas reflexiones en torno a la gráfica digital" is a result of an exhaustive research work. It collects texts and works by well-known artists with knowledge of digital graphics; about their experience with current print media and technical and eminently practical historical aspects.

_ the origin

The introduction of new technologies in the graphic arts industry and their consequent application in the Fine Arts inform us of the reality that Art and Technology are in constant dialogue with each other. Starting from this context, and with the aim of promoting knowledge, research and practice, this book, which reflects the concern that has been prevailing in the world of contemporary art graphics for several years, calls for greater accessibility in the use of new technologies that have been operating so far in more traditional areas. Aware of the importance of research and dissemination of technical progress among the art community, the University of Vigo signed a collaboration agreement with Epson Ibérica SAU aimed at stimulating scientific cooperation and obtaining useful results for both the University and the Company.

The resultant extensive and exhaustive research produced a thorough map of the graphical territory. On the one hand, a deep reflection is made therein on new ways of generating graphic images with contributions from different artists and professionals from the graphic and academic field, such as José Ramón Alcalá, Adam Lowe, Txema Elextpuru, Lila Insua and José Andrés Santiago, among others. On the other hand, the different issues relating to machinery are explored, thereby providing an aesthetic and plastic vision, through research into the origins of drawing machines, an analysis of the context and scientific theory behind printing machines, and an analysis of optics and light in image printing. A thorough analysis is likewise made of the processes and different types of digital technology available today with special emphasis on the production of artwork. In this manner, the different types of printing machines like sublimation printers or inkjet printers, piezoelectric methods such as demand-based piezoelectric injection, or picoinjection print head are examined.

In the case of inkjet printing technology, there is need for a more precise and detailed knowledge, ranging from the chemistry of pigmented materials and media, to the mechanical/algorithmic operation of printing machinery and plotters, in order to expand the possibilities that the artist has of transgressing and creating from the very image generation process.

A large section of the book is likewise devoted to the so-called "Journey into the Inside of Paper" where its history is used to provide information on how paper is manufactured, its components, etc., and delve in-depth into the chemistry of the main medium of contemporary graphics. The intention, above all, though the use more than five hundred electron microscopy photos, is to provide the status quo of coated digital printing paper. In other words, demonstrate how the state-of-the-art technology of today's materials is at the service of the industry and how paper manufacturers work closely with large companies that manufacture inks and printing machines to optimise piezoelectric printing results.

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