(encuentros) de interacción gráfica
de la imagen al papel

_ subject

image and paper

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Art and design

[Art and design graphical interaction (meetings)]

Since 2004, the dx5 research group has organised several activities and seminars under the generic title of "Graphical Interaction Meetings", mostly held at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Pontevedra. These meetings were born with the aim of establishing an active dialogue between the different members of the artistic community and to generate dynamic debates that deal with aspects present in the research projects that the group has been carrying out.

_the origin

This book gathers the presentations held on 9 November 2018 during the meeting entitled "From image to paper". The research group's management attempts to bring together different perspectives of the same artistic field in order to try and offer a wider view of this reality, which is summarised in the conscious application of conceptualisation in the generation of graphic images and its process to move from image to paper. We believe that the germ for the advancement of knowledge lies in understanding the theories of complexity, multiperspectivity and interdisciplinarity.

For a long time, the research group has been committed to cross-breeding and what we have called "creation at the border". We firmly believe in the relationship between intuitive knowledge and rational knowledge, in the dialogue between Art and Science, between theory and practice. That is why, in this meeting, we are not trying to bring together the different approaches or perspectives, but trying to confront them in a harmonious —but offbeat— conjunction. Thus, through internal and external dialogue, a richer and more complex approach to reality can be established; a reality that is never unitary, but rather polyhedral.

The four presentations in this meeting dealt with the use of new image generation technologies as a field of interest and experimentation, and is visible both in the final work and in the actual process of many of the artists analysed. This issue is raised from different perspectives, paying particular attention to the complex world of obtaining the most accurate colour prints possible. Through four different looks, an open debate is proposed to the attendees to reflect on the strengths, possibilities and inconsistencies of the translation of the digital image into the physical media. Kako Castro delves into concepts such as ultraphotography and ultrareality or changes in the episteme of world representations. Juan Adrio performs a more technical analysis of processes in colour management applied to the artistic field. Jose Andrés Santiago contributes a vision on the transformation of the image to paper from the perspective of the graphic narrative. Lastly, Tatiana Lameiro reflects on conscious production processes through sustainable design.

_The four visions i.e.

The most technical vision of colour management and digital image printing, reflection on the concept of digital photography today, comic-illustration, and sustainable design, inform us about how the field of graphic arts has expanded to other creative manifestations whose fundamental axis is the process of generation and production of the final consumer object. It should therefore be remembered that both the outcome and the path leading to it matter; or in other words, the essence of the outcome is in the process.

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