_el pliego/ le pli/ a folder
doble desdoblado
3º encuentro internacional de interacción gráfica y edición

_ subject

Expanded field art

_ speciality

Contemporary art graphics, media and papers, works and artists.

[el pliego/ le pli/ a folder
twice unfolded
3rd international meeting of graphic art interaction and editing]

This book is part of the third Project for the creation of international exchange between universities and training centres in graphic art and editing. This call proposed to reflect on the idea of the folder, starting from the space of a folded sheet, and the encounter provoked by such folding.

_ the origin

This publication arises from the project with the same name whose objective is to continue promoting cultural circulation across borders that allows graphic editing, multiplication, versatility and portability, revaluing the format of the book from its base module, EL PLIEGO. For this teaching and research project, we gathered a selection of students, teachers and artists linked to graphic arts, editing studios, and research groups from different universities and training centres. This book provides continuity to the previous projects "La Miniatura" (2010-12), "Comptines, Rhymes for the World" (2014-15), and proposes to renew the participating centres by incorporating new collaborators.

EL PLIEGO consists of an entire space divided into four distinct and supportive spaces in which opposition, reflexivity, adjacency and sequencing relations are established. Just as a book, the folder can be opened and closed, saved, displayed, and concealed at the same time. Binding the different folders together gives rise to a book, a device defined by that emergency and encounter zone, the fold, understood as the folding hinge.
Each centre first sends the set of selected and edited folders to the organising centre (dx5 group, Faculty of Fine Arts, Pontevedra, Spain). The works received (one folder from each participant) are then used to make as many books as centers participating in the project. Each book is made up of different unsewn booklets that are compiled thanks to a common cover-container, designed by the organising centre. This flexible format permits different combinations, in the form of an exquisite corpse, and facilitates future exhibition of independent folders at each centre. We finally collected 224 folders, from 17 training, creation and research centres, from 11 different countries in Europe, America and Asia.

When 1+1 add to more than two on the sum of folders.

"If you are travelling alone, you will travel fast. If you are travelling in a group, you will travel far"
African proverb
The initial objective of EL PLIEGO project was to gather and compile all folders received into a single large book, by reorganising and combining them in the form of an exquisite corpse. The exquisite corpse consists of a set of words/images, used as a sequence of words or partial images, to construct a sentence or a complete image, without any premeditated idea. The result is a textual or visual sequence composition where partial and essentially unconnected elements are combined to create complex concepts and forms that enrich the parts

metaphors and materiality of the fold and the book

"So the book thinks" In the project EL PLIEGO / DOBLE DESDOBLADO, the book is an idea, an aspiration that justifies the format of the works, and is presented deconstructed here to show the parts that form it, by placing value on the fold and discarding the usual processes and elements of layout and generation of the printed volume (spine, rib, covers, guards).

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