_at the edge
creación en la frontera

_ subject

Creation at the border

_ speciality

Art and design

[at the edge
creation at the border]

This book originated at the I International Technical Conferences "Creation at the border" which, under the title of Art & Design. Between Function and Sense, were held at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Pontevedra during November and December 2010.

_ the origin

The starting point of these conferences is the art-design binomial, a thought shuttle that discovers common points and essential differences. Art and design blur borders between symbolic function and sociological sense, wherein many present-day creators mix genres and without hesitation move from one to another, to fuse their works, without us being able to define them unilaterally. The genres are intertwined, and they flow between everyday life and the public sphere. Art goes out to the street, design goes into the museum, and everything ends up in the virtual space supermarket; thereby questioning the aura of multiple artwork and that of original design. The images and objects around us maintain privileged relationships with us, through their utilitarian, intellectual and emotional roles.

This book arises to give continuity to the proposed approaches and offers a platform to expand the topics presented to guest speakers and other related authors.

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