Nuria Bouzas Loureiro is a visual artist and a doctor of Fine Arts (University of Vigo, 2021). She receives his academic training at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Pontevedra (2008-2012) and specializes in the Master in Illustrated Book and Audiovisual Animation (2012-2014). Currently, she’s finishing the master’s degree in Teaching with a specialty in Rt and Drawing. Intern in Computer Creation Systems in the Graphic Arts workshop of the Faculty of Fine Arts (University of Vigo, 2013-2015) and hired predoctoral within the predoctoral grants of the Program of bags and training aid of the University of Vigo (2016-2018).

Currently she develops her artistic practice around hair as an element of artistic speculation, mainly through graphics. Among the latest projects of which he is a part, it is worth highlighting his participation in the exhibitions “This is how they see us. So, are we?” made in the Pinacoteca Fernández del Riego (Vigo, 2015) and “Identity Factory” un the Sixth Building of the Provincial Museum of Pontevedra (2017), as well as the creation of several illustrations for the book “MA-RA-VI-LLO-SO. 15 reasons to reflect on creativity” (Dardo, 2018).

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